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Lime Coated Pan-Fried Kale, Biltong, & Fruit

Lime Coated Pan-Fried Kale, Biltong, & Fruit

November 29, 2016

This meal is how I started my day. It took me no longer than 10 minutes to cook, so simple, fresh and perfectly healthy. It’s my new go to.
Here’s how it’s thrown together.

1. Heat a pan; HOT, throw in some healthy oils - I used a combination of butter, tallow and coconut oil.
2. Grab a Kale; shred the leaves off the stalks and toss them in the pan, turn every so often.
3. Throw in some nuts of your choosing, I like mine a little roasted so I put them in early.
4. Fry the Kale until wilted, turning less often if you’d like some leaves crispy.
Tip the kale onto a plate (or better yet, a chopping board)
5. Pick a fruit of your choosing. I’ve got some luscious apricots from the farmers markets that are absolutely mind blowing, but I think any fruit will complement. Cut it up and throw it over your kale. Also consider giving the fruit 20 seconds on your hot pan; this worked well with the apricots.
6. Chuck on a handful of Barbell Biltong.
7. Squeeze over with lemon or lime.
8. Sprinkle with organic whole cane sugar.

When cooked, the kale withers by about 70% and absorbs a great deal of oil, so typically use more of both than you think. This is a fantastic way to get in a healthy dose of fat and leafy greens, fitting for low-carbers.

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