Biltong is a traditional South African food, where large beef steaks are marinated in vinegar, spiced and then hung to air dry in a controlled environment at ambient temperatures.

Oh, so it's like jerky right?

Hell no!! Most jerky is very processed, where thin strips of meat are covered in artificial sauces and then dried at high temperatures over a few hours. To be frank, we've never been jerky fans as most jerky is loaded with preservatives, sugars, and other bad stuff. Barbell Biltong is healthier and tastier than jerky and contains no preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy or added sugar.

It takes 10 days to dry our biltong to perfection and no heat is used to cook the meat during this process. This gives it a much softer texture than jerky. During this time, the steaks lose most of their weight from water evaporation and at least 2.6kg of organic grass-fed Australian beef is used to make 1kg of Barbell Biltong. What's left is a convenient and dense source of protein that tastes great.

By sourcing the healthiest beef possible and by avoiding preservatives, our biltong differs from most in that it's made with a health focus in mind. We use biltong to compliment our own lifestyles as the perfect high protein, low carb, real food.

Our Meat

We source our meat in a way that is environmentally and ethically responsible.

Early on in our journey as we started to learn about the beef industry, we made a decision that above all else; the welfare of the animals we’re eating and the sustainable nature in which they are farmed, must come before profits. Simply put, the success of our business must work to support better farming practices or else we were willing to walk away. We’re proud to have found these suppliers who share our values.

OBE Organic
Australia’s largest organic cattle farming operation, OBE have been at the spearhead of organic cattle farming in Australia. Their farm’s are absolutely humongous! Located in wetlands of central Queensland, OBE’s cattle graze on land larger than the size of Tasmania. Stockmen on motorbike and horseback; drive cattle onto new; fertile land, where they are left to graze on 250 species of native grasses and herbaceous plants. No Fences, with land as far as the eye can see; free from synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. The images speak for themselves.   Provenir

A kickass startup; Provenir supply us with Regeneratively Farmed Beef, but that’s the half of it. Having built Australia's first mobile-abbatoir, Provenir are making waves in the meat and farming industry, pushing the envelope in making on-farm-slaughter a reality. Meaning cattle remain on-the-farm, where they are familiar and comfortable in their environment. No longer are cattle put through the unnecessary stress of transporting them hundreds of kilometres for processing. This is a huge step forward for the industry and animal welfare. The beef we receive from Provenir come from farmer’s practicing regenerative agriculture and is also farmed organically. Here’s some of the farms that Provenir obtain meat from. Of those, we've so far received meat from MulgoaBibbaringa and Gundilliwah

Regenerative Agriculture is the way forward and we are behind it in every way we can.