Storing Your Biltong

Removing moisture from your biltong will dramatically extend it's shelf life. Done correctly, your biltong will last long enough for you to survive the nuclear winter!

Glass Jar

We’ve discovered a revolutionary new way to store biltong: keeping it in a glass jar.

Biltong will last a seriously long time like this. Air that passes through the paper towel will slowly dry the biltong out further, making it invulnerable to the elements. We’d tell you how long it would last, but the truth is we haven't lived long enough to find out.

A clear glass jar will provide a great visual representation of how much biltong you've got left. If you're smart, you'll draw a ‘restock level’ somewhere near the bottom. We also suggest placing a paper towel at the bottom.

If you don’t have a jar handy, you can employ the same technique by using a bowl and a cloth as cover.

Another option is to simply pack your biltong in a brown paper bag. The paper allows the biltong to breathe and dry, and the bag itself absorbs some moisture.

As long as there's no mould visible, your biltong should be good for eating.


Biltong will last in the freezer for many months. As there's not much moisture, biltong freezes and defrosts quickly. Once you've taken it out to defrost, use one of the aforementioned techniques to store it.