Biltong - Sea Salt (200G)



Our sea salt biltong is for those who want to keep it plain and simple.

Cut into bite-size pieces and only spiced with sea salt, it's perfect for those following the carnivore diet.

It's also a great snack for the kids if they find our other biltong flavours too spicy.


    Organic grass-fed & finished Australian beef, gluten-free white vinegar and sea salt.

    Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, our sea salt biltong has a 12 month best before date and is best kept in the pantry or fridge.

    Customer Reviews

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    Clean and delicious

    Great product. Very minimal clean ingredients with a huge amount of flavour. Organic Grass fed beef. Love companies who look after the earth, animals and people's health. My child is anaphylactic to sulphites so I check every ingredient list on products now and people would be shocked, as I have been, to know how many unnecessary 'ingredients' go into food and there is always a much cleaner option such as this that actually tastes better. In my search for a protein and healthy fat source (nuts not allowed) that could be taken on a hike to round out her daily nutrient requirements, I was shocked to learn how many highly processed ingredients are in a simple garlic jerky. I had all but given up on buying jerky and was going to make my own and then saw this Biltong new in at Flannerys. Perfect. 3 ingredients, tastes amazing and, a bonus, has healthy fats which is so important for strenuous hiking and cold night camping. Soft enough my daughter can use it to put on rolls or cook up with dehydrated veg and rice on her trip. Couldn't be happier with taste, ingredients and helpfulness of company, who went above and beyond to answer a question. Highly recommend.

    Thank you so much for the review Lisa, happy to hear you've found something that works for your daughter.

    A review like this goes a long way, I really appreciate it. Thank you again!


    Maddie Calvert
    Ethical and delicious

    Only sea salt flavour was available but it was great for a high protein snack and I love that it’s good for the world!

    Hey Maddie its unfortunate that only one flavour was available, where was this if you don't mind me asking?

    Thank you for the review, glad to see you enjoyed. If you'd like to try the other flavours I'd be happy to send a sample pack your way.


    Karl Beydoun
    Great product

    Very happy with the sea salt biltong, only biltong I could find that was both delicious but also fits into my carnivore diet as well.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Carnivores got to find a way to snack right ?

    Thanks so much for the review Karl, stay strong with the tong !


    Steve Anderson
    Absolute Quality!

    My Barbell Biltong subscription never lets me down!! Such an undoubted quality source of real protein!!
    Thanks heaps boys - keep up the sensational work!!

    We'll always be there for you ;)

    Thanks so much Steve, you've done us a solid!


    Perfect snack!

    Such a great product, perfect size, clean ingredients, suitable for a carnivore diet and tastes amazing. Keep up the great work, I'll be ordering regularly!
    I just wish it was sold at my local groceries so I could get it sooner!

    A new regular :)

    You could try this and see if there are any stores nearby, still very happy ship it straight from the factory though!

    All that said, I really do appreciate the review Steve, it means a lot :)