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Biltong - Classic (200g)

Excellent quality, great customer service, and postage was really fast too.

Great taste and great price

Great as a snack and as something to accompany my favourite drink


Biltong mixed

Amazing stuff! Doesn’t leave me feeling unwell like other meat snacks do. Good in nutrients and protein, can’t recommend enough throughout the day.

Great product

Still to try all the flavours, only 2 Adults to fight over them so they will last us a long time :-)

Carnivore Diet Person Here

As I’ve been on the Carnivore diet for nearly 2 years I think I’m pretty qualified to rate this product. It’s freakin’ incredible. No sugar, no nasties, just excellent biltong with a perfect amt of fat. The service from this company is top notch too. Barbell Biltong actually makes up a big part of my diet.HIGHLY recommend. Thanks guys for such high quality food :)

Thank God You Arrived!

This is our 5th delivery (thank you for the subscription option) and we had run out a few days before this one arrived. I am very serious when I tell you that the Postie didn't have time to get out of the way as I ripped the big box from him and tore open a packet and started eating it straight away. I think we're actually addicted to this stuff?!?

Haha now this does put a smile on my face.

Silvering lining for being addicted is its good for you right?

Seriously though, we really appreciate the review, thanks so much.


Biltong? More like delicioustong!

No but seriously this stuff is the best. It’s not dry and has a great taste. Get amongst it.

Order and delivery super simple and quick too.

Delicioustong, also known as Barbell Biltong ;)

Thanks so much Peter, you've done us a solid with the review.


Cheap & Delicious.

Delicious protein snack without the price tag... can't beat it! 👌

Unbeatable, might have to add that to the packaging somewhere.

Seriously though, thanks so much Jacob, you're helping us keep the tong strong.


Best I've eaten!!

Loved the chilli the most, great quality and flavour!!

The best spicy biltong?

Thanks so much for the review Peta, we really appreciate it.



I often find it hard to find a food to eat after the gym if I have to go out and don’t have time to go home and cook, so this is the best post workout snack imaginable, thank you

Now you have more time for other things!

For real though, thanks a lot for the review, it means a lot.


Absolutely love these!!!

Perfect for a snack on the go, so tasty and love that there are no nasty ingredients. We've tried a few Barbell products and these are hands down our favourite!

Happy to see you've found the winner!

Thanks so much for the review, you've really done us a solid.


Best whole food snacks in the country - Can’t get enough!

Best in the country your heard it here folks!

Thanks so much for the strong review, we really appreciate it.


Barbell Biltong - Classic… the best pre-packed dried meat snack in Australia

I came across Barbell Biltong by a happy accident. This is the very best pre-packed dried meat that I have found. It beats the pants off any jerky!
The flavours, texture, retained moisture and especially the fat edge left on the meat makes this a healthy, more-ish snack for any meat loving human. This product is the closest to “fresh” Biltong that I have found. Thank you.

Sounds like a happy surprise !

I reckon our biltong would beat jerky any day.

Thanks so much for the review, we appreciate your support.


Consistent and satisfying

Great product and quick delivery. Easy to order, easy to take with you. Perfect for work road trips or quarantine!

I hope the meat sticks are good company, on the road or at home ;)

Thanks a lot for the review Craig, it means a lot to us.


Fantastic products!

I’m absolutely stoked with my first purchase of Barbell products and will be back again for more! The meat is very tasty and perfect for our carnivorous/keto family :)

Glad to hear you and the family enjoyed it.

Thanks for the review Tracy, may the tong keep you strong!


Biltong steaks - yum

Loved this product. It tasted great and my children liked it too

Happy family all round, love to hear it!

Thanks so much for the review Marlise, it means a lot to us :)



Amazing product - great taste and freshness. Extremely happy with the subscription and delivery service too, keep up the great work! 🙂

That's a strong rating, and great encouragement!

Thanks for the review Ryan, we appreciate it.


Droëwors - Mixed Box (100G)

Thanks for the 5 stars Josh, you've done us a solid!


The meat is nice but there are a lot of gristle/stringy bits which make it very hard to chew

Hey Yupeng,

Thanks so much for the review, and the feedback we really appreciate it.

I'll pass this on to the team.

If you have any questions please shout out.


Great product and quality

Started using this already, doesn't have the funky taste of liver but already feel an uplift in sprinkling it over my omelette! This is high quality stuff!

Phantom powder working its magic :)

Thanks so much for the review Phaon, may the liver keep your spirits high!


Still the best

I've been buying Barbell Biltong for several years now and it remains the best snack you could have in the pantry. The Burn has a beautiful balance of spices (the heat can take a little getting used to if you don't regularly consume spicy food but once you adjust it's the best of the three biltong options).
If I'm going on a health kick I always order 16 bags of biltong. It basically eliminates all unhealthy snacking. Believe me, if you have handful of biltong, you won't feel like reaching for a bag of chips or some chocolate (and what's more, the biltong tastes better than any unhealthy treat). It also makes it simple to hit protein numbers for the day.
It's also great for road trips and long haul flights.

I cannot recommend this product more highly.

Better than chips or chocolate, you heard it here folks!

Thanks for the review James, we really appreciate it.


Tastiest n healthiest meat treats ever!

These are the best meat snacks I’ve ever had! They are so tasty and tender. But the main thing is they are not full of nasties, super healthy. Totally hooked!

And no-one comes close ;)

Thanks so much for the review Dani, it means a lot to us.



The four mates who came up with, and delivered on this product are absolute legends in my book / from the meat to the packaging to the price!! Come on, you can not fault them —tell me where you can find organic none laced SOY/!! Dried quality meat on the go... you cant!! this is it, a true testament to what Australian men can create and achieve for the everyday Aussie on the go! — I always buy in bulk, gotta have all them succulent flavors to go ;-)

Cheers boys

Chris this is a strong review!

Thanks so much, you've done us a solid.


the best dried meat ive ever had

absolutely delicious, cant believe ive wasted 27 years of my life without this stuff, well done guys!!

Now you've discovered it!

Surely things can only go up from here :)

Thanks for the review Dom, you've done us a solid.