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Delicious biltong !

Love this biltong, only thing I have to complain about is that when I get to the bottom of the bag there’s none left! Love this stuff

Too fatty

Flavour is great, mouth feel is fatty. Not a pleasant after feel

I love the sustainable beef approach

Great to know people ar preparing delicious food with a real perspective on keeping the planet functioning. Well done and great flavour.


I’ve ordered 3 flavours, tried them all and they are all delicious. Plus it was super quick delivery.

Michael Herrman
Best Biltong!!

LOVE the new Sea Salt flavour!!!!…….Keep those new flavours coming!!

Linda Ruschin
Brilliant product

Absolutely brilliant product. Great flavour. Well done.

Shane Heness
Great Product

Beef liver is an amazing superfood and I find it hard to eat cooked liver due to the strong distinctive taste. The liver powder purchased from Barbell foods is amazing! So easy to sprinkle on as a topping onto any food I am eating whilst also knowing I am getting the great nutritional benefits of liver. Thanks for providing a great product at an amazing price.

Simon Lewis
Awesome T-shirt, perfect fit and makes me look jacked

Stoked with my Barbell T-shirt, cool design, high quality material and because it says Barbell on it I feel like a beast!

Nicole Schaer
Really tasty

I was really stoked to find this online as I have new dietary requirements and am not allowed to eat a lot of things.

It's natural, tasty and easy to eat on the go. Would definitely recommend.

Nicole, a BIG thank you for leaving us a review, means a lot and helps us get the word out there. Best, Luke

William Parrinder

The taste is amazing and I am going to continue buying them. Packet size could be a bit bigger.

Will, thank you for taking the biltong to leave us a review mate. You might like our 1kg biltong steaks as our larger bag but those are unsliced. The sliced biltong is definitely as easy as it gets though. cheers, Luke

Peter Flint
Protein Goodness

Close to hitting my 60's and wanted extra protein in my diet, these Barbell sticks were perfect for the job and guilt free tasty snacks.

Thanks so much for the review Peter, really awesome that you like the biltong sticks mate, keep getting after it. I appreciate all the support, Luke

Benny Van de Rhee
Awesome Biltong

The Biltong is an awesome quick and convenient snack to keep you going and it tastes great

Hey Benny, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review, truly does help get the word out there. Best, Luke

Dried steak

My sons diet leaves a lot to be desired ,so when he regularly gets stuck into the plain or chilli dried steak I nod,smile and keep ordering it

Haha that's great to hear Arron, brings a smile to my face :) Really appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. Best, Luke

Maria-Elizabeth Rowe
Moist, Flavorsome

Really good biltong!

Why thank you Maria, we happen to think this is a really good review :) Really appreciate the 5-stars. Luke

Amirhossein Zolfaghari
Great taste and Value but...

Barbell biltong offers great Value with free postage for bulk buys and tastes really good but based on my experience biltong usually should have more tender inside wich can be caused due to not low thickness of the meat they use but I'm satisfied overall.

Hey Amir, thanks for taking the time to leave us an honest review mate, I really do appreciate it. We'll take 4 outta 5 stars any day but will endeavor to earn that 5th star one day. You'll probably find our sliced biltong more tender, simply because our machines can cut the pieces very thin. A lot of butchers may dry their biltong less but we've had to dry them to minimum standards for the product to be considered food safe as the lack of water is what preserve the biltong.

Best Biltong snack going

Great biltong product - buy it in bulk & save.

You heard the man, folks. I must say, we agree with him :)
Thanks for the 5 stars Leon. Luke

Amazing product

Best meat snacks out there. Equally love benchmark and burn. A great healthy option, full of fat soluble vitamins, that's easy to reach for. Be careful, before you know it you'll have polished off a whole bag!

Thanks for the 5 stars Ella, trust me, I know the feeling of eating a whole bag in one go but take solace in knowing there are worse things to snack on :) Best, Luke

Best Biltong around

High quality local product. Hubby and kids favourite

Thank you Emily, I hope you still get some yourself after the kids + husband have attacked it :) Best, Luke

Too dry and tough

The steaks are too dry and tough.
I did not enjoy this at all. The spice mix is ok, but the dry, tough meat ruined the experience. I was unable to eat this. I may end up blending it into a fine powder and using it for some chilli or stew so I do not waste it.

Thank you for the response Luke. The steaks were just too dry for my liking. I have bumped the stars up one cause the spice was nice. But yah, its just to tough and dry for me. I am not sure what I was expecting from this as biltong can come in a wet or a dry option. Cheers for the followup.

Hey Ross, I'm sorry the bitlong steaks were not to your liking mate. If you prefer soft biltong that's less chewy, we recommend our pre-sliced biltong instead, simply because our machines can cut it thinner than it's possible to cut it by hand. Even though the biltong is the same, the steaks will often seem tougher than our sliced biltong for this reason alone. Best, Luke

Hey Ross, just a follow up, I appreciate you getting back to me. I'm happy to refund the steaks on your order, of if you'd like to try our sliced biltong instead, let me know and I can send you some free bags. I want to make sure you're happy with the biltong.

As an aside, a lot of butchers may dry their biltong less but we've had to dry them to minimum standards for the product to be considered food safe with a decent shelf life, as the lack of water is what preserve the biltong.

Too notch

Excellent quality meat. It’s blindingly obvious.

You've blind-sided me with your kindness, Paul :)
Thanks so much for leaving us a review, it really is much appreciated. Luke

Zak Munnery

Love the liver powder!

My man, thanks Zak, really do appreciate it mate! Best, Luke

Georgia Harding
Best biltong by a long shot

Tastiest, healthiest most sustainable biltong on the market. So happy to have found barbell

Thanks so much for the 5-stars Georgia, truly does mean a lot. Luke

Biltong sliced

My son is totally addicted to this product. He is an athlete and this is the perfect snack to top up his protein intake.

Sounds like you got some strong boys running around Anna! Thanks so much for the 5 stars. Luke

Sandra Burke
Even better than South African biltong!

Having grown up in South Africa and sampled many different varieties of biltong, this biltong is by far the best & we just love the chilli one in particular as do our Aussie grandchildren! They also love the meat sticks. Ordering is very easy & delivery is super quick too. Highly recommended!

Sandra thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review, it truly does mean the world to us. Awesome you've got the grandkids hooked on the biltong and meat sticks too :) Best, Luke.

I love MEAT

A convenient, nutritious snack for the budding Carnivore.

Thanks for the 5-stars Darren! Great to hear that the biltong fit's into the carnivore diet for you. It's also my personal favorite atm :) Cheers, Luke