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Annemi Olivier
Best droëwors we could find in all of Aus

Low carb and delicious!

Rory's Homestead
Ermahgerd, seriously delicious

Ummm... how did I only just find out about this? It's delicious and addictive, it's easy on my sensitive gut, it supports farmers doing the right thing. It's supposed to be a long life snack but I have no idea how it's supposed to last in my pantry more than a few hours without being demolished. You solved the problem of nourishing gut friendly snacks, but now I have another problem - I can't stop eating them 😂 Seriously though, thanks guys top product. Big fan.

the best and healthiest biltong on the market

I'm a biltong enthusiast and have been looking for a biltong that is tasted good, highly nutritive, without preservative, without sugar. I already tried every brand I can find on the market which claims to be healthy but never found a perfect one. Until recently I came across Barbell. Produced from organic beef, without any chemical, preservative and sugar, it is the perfect biltong with great taste. And my ten years old child loves it too! Highly recommended!

Steve Woods
Best ever

Burn is fantastic.It has the right amount of heat and tastes unbelievable. Benchmark is great if you not into a little heat !!


Thanks for the 5 stars Jean, really appreciate it mate. Luke

Household staple!!

We love this so much that we are regular subscribers to both flavours now. Best after school snack for our growing boys. Thanks

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review, Kate. Really is awesome to hear that your kids love the biltong too. Best, Luke

arron brant
Good protein

My son will often eat the dried steak with relish which is great as he most limited in what he will eat.Super that it’s instant for a grab food eat food teenager and best of all high protein reasonably priced

Thank you so much Aaron, awesome to hear that your sons loves the biltong. I can't believe he opts for the chilli, brave boy :) Cheers, Luke

Kelly Redding

Love the burn. Nothing beats a good burn.

haha thank you Kelly, it's a slow, deep burn :) Really do appreciate the support. Luke

If I could, I would eat this for every meal!

If I knew that I wouldn’t get in trouble at home, I would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Just love it!

haha thank you Chris, your secret is safe with us. We eat biltong 6 x per day and before and after every meal ;) Cheers, Luke

Absolutely the best!

The best Biltong I've ever had. Absolutely delicious. Very high quality! I love the fact that it is sustainable, grass fed and preservative free. Well done Barbell! 100% owned and made local product. Support Australian owned and grown!

Thank you Megan! Reading this is certainty a great way to end the work week. Thanks for helping us get the word out there about our biltong. Best, Luke

Paul Lyngkuist
Magic desiccated Liver

Been using Barbell Beef Liver powder and supply it to my personal training clients and finding it to be very powerful whole food. The results speak for themselves. Have just doubled our order as we are very happy with this product. Thanks so much to the Barbell boys. Regards Paul and Lisa.

Thank you so so much for the support Paul. Really does mean a lot. Luke

Benjamin Quittner
Uhh, so damn yummy!

Soooooooo good !

Reading this was soooo damn good :) Thank you Ben, Luke

Benjamin Quittner
So good!!!

Best billtong i've ever had, and i've had a bunch from all over Australia!

My man, thank you Ben.

Marcella Hogan
Best biltong

It has an amazing flavour. I love the heat. It is definitely my favourite biltong.

Thank you thank you thank Marcella! Really appreciate the 5 stars. Awesome to hear that you're loving the burn biltong. Cheers, Luke

Happy customer

Fantastic food from a fantastic forward thinking bunch of legends. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much Huge, the review really does help spread the word. Cheers for putting a spring in our step today. Luke

Love this!

The whole family loves these steaks. Being able to cut the steak to the size you want is a real treat, and being able to see and handle the steaks brings a nice connection to it before devouring it. This ticks all the boxes; regenerative, healthy and tasty! Love your work Barbell!

aw-shucks, thanks Guy, we love you too mate. Really do appreciate the support! Luke

Truly Amazing Biltong!

Found these guys by chance while browsing for biltongs online and decided to buy 2 x 200g packs to try after all the wonderful reviews.
WOW!!! These guys at Barbell sure knows what they are doing. Each mouthful is full of flavour, meat is not too soft or too dry just perfect.
Thought I will just have a small portion as a snack but before you know it I went through the whole 200g bag, they are so delicious and healthy.
Will definitely come back for more. Best biltongs in the market by far!

Thank you for the kind words Yul. The 'trick' to making good biltong is to learn from our mistakes - the first batch we ever made, literally went to the dogs :) Great to here it's your go to snack now, would really recommend making a trail mix with some nuts and dried fruit if you're going through the bag too quickly. Best, Luke

Adam Marriott (adamjames7)
my new favorite thing.

Jumbles are superb!! I can't get enough of them.

Thanks Adam, I know, they're one of our best kept secrets so please don't tell anyone about them ;P Luke

The best and healthiest biltong I've ever found!

As a biltong enthusiast, I have tried every brand that claimed to be healthy and tasty, all of them had sugar in it. Finally I found Barbell, organic with Australian grass feed beef, great taste with high protein, could not be happier and already recommend it to all my friends.

Joy, reading your review put a big smile on my face, so thank you so much. I think, unlikely other biltong companies, we simply eat a lot of our own products so wanted to make the best biltong we could, without adding any rubbish ingredients. Keep fighting the good fight, Luke.

Kayleigh Royle
Love these

These are so delicious. Practically eat these everyday. Such a great product.

Thank you Kayleigh, really appreciate you taking the time to help spread the word. Means a lot and stoked to know you like the droewors. Cheers, Luke

Carol Howells
Great protein snack for kids

I buy these meat sticks in bulk - my 4 and 6 year old girls love them! Such a convenient and additive free, nourishing snack for lunchboxes. Especially given lots of protein is off the menu at preschool/schools. We love them also for bushwalking snacks. Try them for sure. Watch for the pepper with some kids. One of mine eats it with a drink bottle handy! It’s not heavy for adults but kids have different sensitivities. So so glad we found these! Winner!

Carol, thank you so so much for the great review. Really glad to hear that the whole family loves the meat sticks. Truly do appreciate the support, Luke.

Nishi Pakkiyaretnam

Genuinely delicious and quality product. Have support the team from the beginning and will continue to do so when I can.

Thanks for being on the the OG's Nishi, really does mean a lot and stoked you continue to love our biltong and now the meat sticks too. Cheers, Luke

James young
Oddly drying

Taste quite nice, sucks all moisture from your mouth however

Hi James, I appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. I'm glad you liked the taste and I'm sorry the eating experience was not as expected. The biltong (or any dried meat snack) will re-absorb moisture when you chew it, It's just the nature of what eating dried foods is like.

Word of mouth is how most people find us and this is our first 1 star review so please let me know if there's anything I can do to help make this a more positive experience. I would be happy to refund your order or send you another product you think you'd prefer. Keen to get your thoughts, Luke

Awesome taste

The jumbles are perfect. Crispy, chilli and flavoursome. A suite hit. Loved it

Thanks David, I eat them with a spoon which I know does sounds strange but I love them that much too :) Cheers for taking the time to leave us a review, means a lot. Luke

Yum Yum

Best Biltong I have tasted to date. Tried other but keep coming back.

Legend, thank you so much Warren, we're started off making biltong for ourselves as the rest didn't cut it, so really glad it's your favourite too. Cheers for the support, Luke