Biltong - Chilli (200G)



Our chilli biltong is a mild heat that can be enjoyed by most.

If you like biltong with a bit of a kick but not so hot that you'll be reaching for milk, then our chilli biltong is for you.

Cut into bite-size pieces, our biltong is made to be eaten on the go - freeing up more time for the things you love.


Organic grass-fed & finished Australian beef, gluten-free white vinegar, sea salt, coriander seeds, chilli, black pepper, cloves and cayenne pepper.

Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, our chilli biltong has a 12 month best before date and is best kept in the pantry or fridge.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Rusling
Chilli Air Dried Steak - Ridiculously good

I have eaten alot of jerky in my day but this is by far the best you can get in the Chilli catergory.
It's also Keto friendly which is even better.

We are the best kind of spice ;)

Thanks for the review Daniel, it means a lot to us.


Brenton Mazey
Such an amazing nutritious product.

Perfect nutritious food to take traveling or to have as a post surf snack. So healthy and tasty.

Would you hit the waves with a bag? if you do take a snap and I'll send you a free bag.

Thanks for the review Brenton, it really means a lot to us.


Michaela Herberstein
Spicy chili air dried steak

It's pretty nice, the softer fatty parts are definitely unusual but enjoyable going in with an open mind.

I think the product lacks a bit of garlic and onion flavour. I would definitely enjoy if that was added. Otherwise, overall pretty neat :)

We've bounced around the idea of garlic in the biltong, might be something we do in the future.

Thanks so much for the review and your feedback, we really do appreciate it.


Samuel Srejber
Air-dried steak become inedible / Packaged sliced 5 Stars

Ordered 1kg of the air-dried steak and the first 2-days i was very pleased with the product, unfortunately after the 3rd day and each subsequent day after the product becomes inedible and extremely tough. Over 70% of the product i can't eat, it's a shame because it was extremely good originally, probably the best tasting i've had.
I ordered the 1kg air-dried because it is more cost effective than the packaged smaller portions, however you end up losing majority of the product as it completely dries out :( I originally had a subscription set-up for the air-dried steak but will have to cancel, it's a shame as the packaged variant is just a bit too pricey.

Customer service and response to my issue was amazing, they recommended the packaged sliced biltong and provided a 50% discount for equivalent order. Item has arrived and so far has none of the issues originally experienced with the air-dried steak.

Thank you Barbell Foods

Hi Sam,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us feedback.
It's always valuable to know what our customers think as it helps us improve and get better.

I am glad you loved the taste and I'm sorry the product was too dry and chewy.

We don't usually get this feedback about our biltong steaks, so I'll ask the production team to look into it.
Once opened, the less the biltong is exposed to oxygen, the less it will dry out. It shouldn't be noticeably drier over 3 days as this would usually take many weeks. Once opened, we recommend keeping the steaks in the resealable bag and storing in the fridge.

I can see your subscription is due to renew on the 21st of April. You might prefer our pre-sliced biltong as you could open up one bag at a time. The price of our 200g bag is $17.25 when bought in a 6-pack, which is $86.25kg so almost the same price as the 1kg steaks.

If you like, I can change your upcoming order to a 6-pack of biltong bags and give you a 50% discount off this order. I want you to be happy and it seems like you enjoyed our biltong, it would be a shame to miss out on something you enjoy.

Please let me know if you want me to go ahead and make this change for you.
Regardless, thank you for taking the time to help us out, I really do appreciate the support.


Ben Goddard
Awesome healthy snack!

Love the chili biltong - just a far better option than other temptations when craving a little something to snack on

YEAH! stick to the good stuff ;)

Thanks so much Ben, really appreciate the suppory.

Stay strong with the chilli tong,