Eating a well balanced diet that you can sustain over the long haul is one of life's most challenging puzzles to solve.

What works for some may not work for others, and what works for you for a while may not work for you indefinitely.

Most would agree, however, that a focus on nutrient density builds the foundations of a healthy diet.


Gram for gram, and calorie for calorie liver is the most nutrient dense food you can find. It truly knocks muscle meats out of the park in every vitamin and mineral, and is abundant in many essential nutrients that are either scarce or non-existent in plant foods.

It is an unrivaled source of:

  • Vitamin A ➜ skin and eye health
  • Vitamin B12 ➜ energy levels
  • Folate ➜ cellular growth
  • Iron ➜ energy levels and cognitive function
  • Copper ➜ nerve and immune system health.

Liver should be a staple of every diet, however it has fallen out of favour in recent times due to its lack of palatability.

We get it. It's no porterhouse steak on the BBQ, however to go through life without fueling your body with the immense amount of nutrition that liver provides would be an absolute tragedy.


We've made a limited edition batch of freeze dried organic beef liver. Unlike synthetic supplements that have been reduced down to simplistic formulations, our freeze dried beef liver is a real food that preserves the complex combinations and concentrations of nutrients which your body has adapted for.

1 to 2 teaspoons a day will give you a huge leg up on hitting your daily micronutrient requirements. It goes great on eggs or as a mystery spice to add to meals. Jump on our website and grab a bag to add a holistic nutritional boost into your day.

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