With travel restrictions limiting our holiday options this year, now is a better time than ever to go camping and to stock up on some biltong.

It will require a little more effort. That is a given. You might have to build a fire just to cook a wholesome meal, forgo hot water on tap, and not have the answer to everything at your finger tips. Hell, the list of inconveniences never ends, yet these inconveniences help restore a healthy appreciation for your modern day luxuries. Once you've settled in, you'll likely find that there is something quite freeing about the limitations that camping imposes.

Life gets pretty simple. You'll have some of your best ever yarns huddled around the campfire. You'll rise and fall with the sun, and get far more sun on your bum. With nothing but wide open spaces and wildlife surrounding you, you'll want to move and explore. You'll look out into the ocean, mountain ranges, or starlit night sky and be forced to ponder the mysteries of the world. You'll be hard to contact and find it hard to contact others, but quickly accept that the infinite number of conversations that could be had can wait, and you'll then get on with washing the dishes to wash the dishes.

Jump on an app like WikiCamps Australia to find the campsite that is right for you, and if you're new to camping start off borrowing a mates gear. We all have that one friend who is Mr. Kathmandu. 

Here is a list of equipment you may want to consider taking with you if you're going camping for longer than a week.

Our biltong and meat sticks make it easier to eat well whilst your immersed in civilization, but they truly come into their own when you're off grid. With no need to be refrigerated and no prep or clean up required, they are a camper and hiker's go-to high protein snack.

Jump on our website and sort yourself out with your snacking needs before you head off on your next adventure.

Keep fighting the good fight,

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