From the outside looking in, the biltong game may appear to be one of the sexiests professions of the modern day, but there is more to it than sharp blades, cold blood and silversides.

To become one of us, you have to rock that raw meat odour that permeates from your pores; you have to wield that blade through meat at speeds only those blessed with neanderthal forearms on steroids could ever hope to reach; and you have to accept that you may end up with less fingers than you started out with.

Do you have what it takes?


When it comes to meat sticks, size matters, and our 100G meat stick bag requires all sticks meet specific height standards.

And so those ‘ugly’ sticks that are deemed too short to ride are tossed into unmarked 1Kg bags.

They're a random assortment of all three meat stick flavours and come in various sizes, but as mum always said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

So if you can look past their short stature, grab yourself a bargain with a 1KG bag of UGLY sticks.


It's hard to go passed biltong and meat sticks as a natural, high protein snack for the kids' lunchbox. It's the go-to lunchbox snack of one of our long-time customers, @wellnourished, and by geez that lady knows how to make a lunchbox or two.


When you get busy or stressed it's hard to resist the the temptation of snacks that are full of rubbish. With our meat snacks at hand, you'll have a guilt-free, high protein snack that you can turn to in these moments of need. Jump on our website and sort yourself out with your snacking needs for the month ahead.

Keep fighting the good fight,

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