It's been a manic year so far. Like everyone, we've been go-go-go, constantly reacting and adapting to the next spanner thrown in the works. It has been thrilling at times, but unsustainable.

For us, a few days out in the wilderness with good friends never fails to provide a renewed perspective on what matters.

If you've been burning the candle at both ends, we hope you find a way to get the respite you've earned. A short stint away often works wonders.


Made with wild kangaroo meat and beef sourced from regenerative farmers, our new meat sticks are the most sustainable meat snack you'll find.

With the overpopulation of kangaroos placing increasing stress on Australia's fragile ecosystem, we hope this snack helps kickstart a conversation at the dinner table about the merits of eating more kangaroo meat.

When you buy our meat sticks, you'll be voting with your dollar for restoring kangaroo populations to sustainable numbers, and supporting farmers who are holistically managing cattle in a way that regenerates the land.

Our meat sticks come into their own when you're on the move. After recently doing a 30Km trail run with nothing but our trusty meat sticks by his side, Reuben, a long-time devout Barbell customer, can attest to this.

Without any further ado, these are the three ripper recipes we settled upon! Dig in and let us know your favourite!


It was a slow news day in the nations capital... that is until WIN News stumbled across our biltong factory. This short news piece touches on our story, recent product development, and hopes for the future.

Opportunities like this only arise from customers such as yourself championing our products to the people you know. Thank you for your support so far!


Whether you’re working, travelling, studying, exercising, or off the beaten trail, biltong and our meat sticks at hand will give you a nutritious snack packed full of many essential nutrients that plant based foods lack. Jump on our website and sort yourself out with your snacking needs for the month ahead.

Keep fighting the good fight,

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