Our Partnership with Land to Market Australia

We are very proud to announce that we are partnering with Land to Market Australia, becoming their first foundation market partner.

Land to Market was first launched in the United States by the Savory Institute, where it's seen great success and Land to Market Australia is an extension of this concept, down under. 

Land to Market Australia’s Mission

Land to Market Australia aims to become the country’s first verified regenerative supply chain. Their goal is to improve the ecological health of farmland by giving farmers access to robust but practical monitoring and measurement through Ecological Outcome Verification.

Land to Market Australia is a brand that can communicate the hard work of farmers in caring for their land to the whole community, including businesses and consumers. Farmers can also access Holistic Management practices which improve the health of the land while balancing key social, environmental and financial considerations.

What is Holistic Management?

The Holistic Management framework includes livestock farming tools that imitate the natural grazing of wild herd animals. Allan Savory (founder of the Savory Institute) has gained attention promoting the environmental benefits of well managed grazing livestock (watch his TED talk here). He argues that healthy, fully functioning grassland ecosystems cannot be sustained without the presence of grazing animals. Savory explains that because grazing herds have coevolved with soil and it’s grasslands, the health of soil is reliant on the positive impact that grazing animals provide.

Why are grazing animals good for the soil?

Some of the benefits of holistic management include the stimulation of plant growth, natural fertilization, increased soil water retention and an enhancing of the soil’s carbon content. Nutrition wizard Chris Kresser and his podcast guest Diana Rodgers explain how this occurs.

“As they’re walking around, their hoof prints are actually making little indentations which help hold water, and they’re chewing on the grass which stimulates growth. When you cut grass it grows. We don’t want the grass to just biologically break down on its own. We want it to be chewed, digested, and spit out the other end with microbes in it, and that’s really the healthiest way to do it. And then, we want to be moving them around, so we don’t want the animals on the same piece of land all the time. We want to be mimicking what natural herds have been doing forever because they’ve been migrating, and moving away from predators.”

In short, holistic planned grazing can introduce many benefits to soil and grassland health while eliminating the effects of conventional livestock management that often have a negative impact on soil health.

How is holistic management implemented?

Holistic planned grazing involves moving cattle sequentially from one paddock to another. The farmer must keep a close eye on their activity, and choose when to move the animals onto the next regenerated pasture. This allows grasslands to recover from grazing and mimics the free movements of wild herds. 

Importantly, Land to Market Australia helps track the improvement in soil health through their Ecological Outcome Verification assessment.

Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV)

The Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) is an empirical and scalable soil assessment methodology. It tracks indicators of ecosystem function, including biodiversity, soil microbiology, carbon content, and water infiltration.

Land to Market Australia will validate farmers who see positively trending outcomes in soil health with their EOV seal (shown below).“Currently, regenerative farmers are unable to position their products advantageously and differentiate themselves in the marketplace," explains Savory Institute co-founder and CEO Daniela Ibarra-Howell.

Using the EOV™ seal, brands and retailers will be able to trace their sourcing to producers who are having a positive impact on the land. This will allow mindful consumers the ability to support producers who are farming ecologically.

What does it mean to be a market partner?

Land to Market Australia is a grassroots movement and our partnership is a commitment to championing their cause by growing consumer awareness to the benefits of regenerative farming. As the number of EOV accredited producers increases, we hope to eventually source all our beef from EOV farmers.

Why have we chosen to support Land to Market Australia?

Our primary goal at Barbell Foods has always been to make the world’s healthiest biltong, built on sustainable and ethically farmed meat. Holistic management practices are important to us because they substantially enhance the health of cattle and the health of the land. Soil that is farmed holistically will be more biologically alive, with increased carbon content and more diverse organic matter, leading to healthier grass and in turn, healthier cows.

Allan Savory’s Land to Market movement has a monumental vision and he believes adopting holistic farming practices can help reverse the trend toward desertification of our grasslands and slow the advent of global warming through carbon retention in soil; thereby protecting future harvests.

We're excited at the prospect of helping to make the world a more inhabitable place for future generations and are proud to be a foundation market partner of Land To Market Australia.

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