Our carnivore biltong is for those who want to keep it plain and simple.

Cut into bite-size pieces and only spiced with sea salt, it's perfect for those following the carnivore diet.

It's also a great snack for the kids if they find our other biltong flavours too spicy.


    Organic grass-fed & finished Australian beef, gluten-free white vinegar and sea salt.

    Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, our carnivore biltong has a 12 month best before date and is best kept in the pantry or fridge.

    Customer Reviews

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    Clare P
    Looooove this product

    I follow a fairly strict whole food diet without additives or chemicals so it is so good to find a product that is so clean as well as delicious. I hang out for my regular barbell order to arrive each month.

    Thank you so much Clare, really do appreciate the support and glad to hear the biltong fits well into your lifestyle. Best, Luke

    Do not take this away from me

    I have have very specific and strict dietary requirements. I also eat virtually all organic foods.

    I was in search of biltong that did not have a/ sugary additives b/ flavours c/ chemical concoctions for preservatives etc.

    I read ingredients of various brands for years and never found one until Barbell foods appeared at my local health food shop.

    I later switched to buying online.

    Love, love, love these guys and their product. I love the Carnivore Sliced Biltong. ( I need high salt so I add a little extra celtic salt to mine.)

    I've been buying their product for 3 years or so, now.

    It's super handy as a healthy snack, travelling, work,

    The biltong is perrrrfect and delicious. The customer service is always helpful and friendly.

    Hghly recommend.

    PS. Keep buying carnivore biltong so they keep making it!! :D I'd be lost without it

    Thanks so much for the great review Jacqueline, I really do appreciate it. Like you, we're simply making products that we want to eat. Don't worry, the carnivore biltong is here to stay, it's now become a favourite with most of the team. Hope it's a good weekend, Luke

    Jade Lawsen

    I have been a biltong eater as long as I can remember + I have to say Barbell is by far the best I’ve had. Along with loving this product, dealing with the company is always a pleasure. They are super professional yet fun + always going above + beyond what they have to.

    Thanks very much for the kind words, Jade. It means a lot coming from one of the rare few who eats as much of our Carnivore flavour as we do!

    Pretty good.

    Given the high quality of the beef it’s surprising organic vinegar isn’t used. I find some bits are very chewy whilst other bits are nice and tender. It’s a mixed bag really. That said, it definitely is a convenient and nutritious inclusion to my carnivore diet.

    Hey Jo, thanks for much for the review! We'll definitely take 4 outta 5 but it's now our life's mission to get that lucky 5th star.

    We wanted to make sure the vinegar we used was gluten free and couldn't source an organic gluten free vinegar in any significant quantity.

    Really glad to hear that the biltong fits well into the carnivore diet.
    Keep on keeping on, Luke, Rory, Matt + Tom

    A Healthy 'Go To' Snack!

    It is just so wonderful and exciting to have a healthy, carnivore snack, I take it everywhere with me! Having this 'go to' product on subscription saves me time ordering, shopping around for a suitable healthy, carnivore snacks, it simply arrives quickly, on time every time and I am free to enjoy! However, this Biltong should come with a warning, it is so delicious and additive. :-)

    You've now been warned :)
    Thanks so much for the review Ceri, we've very very grateful, Luke, Rory, Matt + Tom.