Biltong - Sea Salt (70G)



Our best value option is our 200G biltong bag but for those who find it too easy to eat a whole bag in one go, the 70G size is your salvation.

12 bags per box makes it easy to set aside one per day to help make it last.

Our sea salt biltong is for those who want to keep it plain and simple. It's perfect for those following the carnivore diet and it's also a great snack for the kids if they find our other biltong flavours too spicy.

Cut into bite-size pieces, our biltong is made to be eaten on the go - freeing up more time for the things you love.


Organic grass-fed & finished Australian beef, gluten-free white vinegar and sea salt.

Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, our sea salt biltong has a 12 month best before date and is best kept in the pantry or fridge.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Clements-Galati
The best ever

The best beef jerky ever… quality is amazing, it tastes delicious. I’m a forever customer.

Air died pieces +sea salt

Found the meat was tender and flavour is good , the fat was way too much though.
It was very oily as the fat made up 40% of the 100g packet , which was a little disappointing, definitely would not let children eat it as the oil from the fat gets everywhere.Unless we were just unlucky and got 3 highly fatty 100g bags

Hi Paul,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback.
I really am sorry it was fattier than you liked.
We do purposely keep the fat attached to the meat - unlike most other biltong/jerky products which is very lean. We believe eating good quality fat from a healthy animal is a good thing but I understand that this isn't for everyone.
The fat percentage is listed on the nutritional panel of our sea salt biltong is 29.9g per 100g.
You may prefer our meat sticks as they're a little less fattier at about 25g.
Having said that, I do personally notice the fat more in the sea salt flavour compared to the others, the spices tend to hide it. Regardless this was obviously off putting for you and I do apologise for that.
If you're curious to try the meat sticks, please let me know and I'll send you some samples.
I am curious, with the biltong you had was the bag a 200g bag or a 70g bag?
Our meat sticks come in 100g bags, did you mean those instead of biltong?


Perfect seasoning and texture.. keep it up guys!


Thanks so much for your support Christian!


Matt Croasdaile

This meats and exceeds my expectations!

Would you say it goes above and beyond?

But seriously, thanks a lot for the review Matt, you're keeping us on everyone's radar.


Adrian Day
Best Biltong on the planet - And it's Australian

I bought this as a present to myself, but it has been passed around the gym to clients, and they also love it. Great taste. Great flavour. Best biltong I have had.

We will be ordering more!

Best on the planet hey? look out world we're coming.

Looks like I might have to sort out your clients.

Thanks for the awesome review Adrian, you've done us a solid.